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Commune: The Design/Concept

A lot of people have been asking us how we came up with the idea for Commune, so we will take a little time to share this information with you: Before we even came...

Commune: Weng Chia X Jack Yeap 0

Commune: All Glassware by Spiegelau

We are very proud to announce that all glassware at Commune will be provided by Chefutensile/Spiegelau Malaysia. Spiegelau has been making high performance glassware since 1521 and is the favorite of wine/whisky aficionados the...

Pio Cesare Wine Pairing Dinner @ Farquhar Mansion 0

Pio Cesare Wine Pairing Dinner

Recently, Penang’s premier fine dining destination Farquhar Mansion held an exclusive Pio Cesare wine pairing dinner in collaboration with AsiaEuro, one of Malaysia’s largest wine distributors. The dinner’s special guest was Mr. Pio Boffa,...